Guest Panellist at Craft

Guest Work Agency director Alana Kushnir will be a guest panellist in Copyright Your Craft presented by the Victorian Law Foundation as part of Law Week at Craft Victoria on Thursday 17 May at 6pm. The panel will discuss ways of protecting your intellectual property through copyright, trademarks and design registration. 

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Guest Lecture at The National Museum of Art Osaka

Guest Work Agency director Alana Kushnir will be presenting a public lecture and industry workshop for professionals at the The National Museum of Art Osaka, in Japan as part of the 40th anniversary exhibition Travelers: Stepping into the Unknown and the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade program Australia Now 2018, on Tuesday 1 May 2018 at 2 pm. 

The lecture on The Law in Performance Art considers the influence of legal principles and laws on the themes and practical concerns of many of the performance artists featured in the exhibition, Travellers: Stepping into the Unknown. It will suggest that the law is always present in the creation, presentation and distribution of performance art, whether artists actively address such concerns in their practice or not.

The industry workshop on Issues of Ephemerality in Art and Law for museum and arts organisation professionals considers a range of legal issues in commissioning and collecting ephemeral works of art. The accommodation of ephemerality by various Courts has proved to be a difficult request, particularly in the context of the enforceability of copyright claims. This has been an issue notwithstanding that art museums and other like institutions throughout the world have sought to embrace the exhibition and acquisition of works of an ephemeral nature, including performance works.


Guest Lecture at Institute of Modern Art

Guest Work Agency director Alana Kushnir will be presenting a lecture on Curatorial Authorship at the Institute of Modern Art (IMA), in Brisbane as part of the IMA Talks program on Tuesday 3 April 2018 at 6 pm. 

As the role of the curator evolves, copyright and moral rights in the exhibition-making process must be considered. In this lecture on curatorial authorship, Kushnir explores the legal rights of curators, drawing from an analysis of some of the few court judgements that have specifically addressed these issues.

Kushnir will also be running a masterclass on intellectual property for industry professionals at the IMA on Tuesday 3 April 2018 at 2pm.

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Workshop on Your Intellectual Property at Blindside

Guest Work Agency director Alana Kushnir will be presenting a workshop for artists on intellectual property, as part of Blindside Artist Run Initiative's Professional Development Series 2017, in Melbourne on Saturday 14 October 2017 at 11 am. 

For artists, understanding your rights and the rights of others in regards to Intellectual Property can present obstacles but also opportunities for your practice. Alana will share the fundamentals of Intellectual Property considerations, including Copyright and Moral Rights, and some tips on how to protect yourself and others. 

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SPRING 1883 Partnership 

We are thrilled to announce that Guest Work Agency is a proud partner of the Sydney 2017 iteration of SPRING 1883, which will return to The Establishment from 6 - 9 September 2017. SPRING 1883 is a young and exciting hotel-based art fair that draws on the traditions of the Gramercy Park Fair, New York to present the best of contemporary art practice from Australia, New Zealand and beyond. 

Through its intervention into a hotel’s context, SPRING 1883 sees the traditional art fair model replaced with a boutique site for dialogue and interaction between galleries, artists and collectors. Conceived by galleries for galleries, participation in SPRING1883 is through personal invitation, allowing the project to evolve out of shared conceptual engagements.

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Art in Law in Art Conference 2017

Guest Work Agency director Alana Kushnir is a conference delegate at the Art in Law in Art Conference 2017, convened by the University of Western Australia Law School and held at the Art Gallery of Western Australia from 4 - 5 July 2017. Alana will present on the curator's contract and copyrights, and explore how the law can protect the work of curators. This question will be addressed through an exploration of various exhibition case studies which involve re-enactments of historical exhibitions.

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Guest lecturer at Photography Studies College

Guest Work Agency director Alana Kushnir will be giving a guest lecture on Photography & The Law to Bachelor of Photography students at the Photography Studies College in May 2017. She will be discussing the key areas of the law which can affect commercial and artistic photography practices, including contract, copyright, privacy and consumer law.

Photography Studies College is a multi award winning tertiary photography college located in Melbourne. For 40 years the College has delivered specialised, high quality and innovative photography education.