Guest Work Agency provides specialist legal advice for artists, collectors, commercial galleries and arts organisations at all stages of project development. We enable our clients to thrive and take on their full creative potential.

We assist with:

Negotiating and drafting of contracts for:

private and public art commissions
artwork sales and licensing
gallery representation
photography of artworks
supplier terms of trade

Review and drafting of:

organisational policies
regulation-required statements
website terms of use
disclaimers and waivers
privacy policies 
promotion terms and conditions

Providing legal advice on creative projects in such areas as:

contract and consumer rights
copyright, moral rights and other IP rights
confidential information
image and data privacy
consumer law
resale royalties



Guest Work Agency provides art advisory and curatorial services with a progressive, yet practical ethos. We embrace the role of the non-traditional art advisor - part studio manager, sport-style agent, producer, dealer and relationship facilitator.

We assist with:

Concept development and project management of exhibitions, public programs and publications

Initiation and facilitation of strategic relationships between artists, commercial galleries and collectors 

Research, advice and management of personal and corporate art collections

Writing and editing of proposals for artwork commissions, exhibitions, art fairs and festivals, funding and residency applications, catalogue essays, magazine and journal articles, exhibition reviews 


The Guest Club is a network of emerging collectors and art lovers, based in Melbourne but international in reach. Each event features a special guest and celebrates the building of relationships with artists, galleries and the Guest Club network as part of the collecting process.

Participation in the Guest Club is by invitation only. For any queries please contact us.